A Quick Intermission: Eighty4 Fly

While preparing for the release of his upcoming album, COLORS, Seattle's own Eighty4 Fly was kind enough to answer a few questions I had for him about the album as well as a couple other random interests of mine.

1. How does a typical day in the life of Eighty4 Fly go?
everyday is different... honestly lately its been nothing but work work work... COLORS deserves the attention and we are making sure we give this project our all so it can be successful as possible
2. What are the top 5 most played songs in your iTunes library?
#1 The "Kush High" instrumental by Ado The God
#2 Chemist instrumentals
#3 Yuna "Someone Out Of Town"
#4 Outkast "SpottieOttieDopiliscious"
#5 Empire Of The Sun "Half Mast"
3. What were some of your musical influences growing up?
outkast, naughty by nature, TLC, Aaliyah ice cube, missy elliot & timbaland, Bone Thugs i grew up in the golden years of hiphop
4. Other than yourself, who are some artists from Seattle or rather 
the Pacific Northwest in general, that you feel could kill the scene on a major scale?
I think every artist has their market its just the fact of getting out there and finding those people that appreciate your music... Seattle has some amazing talent in all genres of music that could easily be major with the right team and ideas

5. What does it take for Northwest artists to get more recognition nationwide?
talent and smart people
6. What is the overall feeling/theme the listener will take away after listening to 'COLORS'?
It sounds complete it sounds together... COLORS plays out similar to an album there is no DJ on it and it's not much of a roller coaster ride its really a solid consistent piece of work
7. How is 'COLORS' different from some of your past work?
Its not really i think those projects represented me and my music taste and music influences at that exact point without going outside of the genre "hiphop" too much... I think COLORS is the me right now next project ill take the good from COLORS with me and improve areas i feel were momentary...
8. Is there a particular song on 'COLORS' that you're feeling more than the others? If so, why? 
there are a few "Kush High", "Late Night", "Deion Flow", "Loud" they all just have good sounds to them without sounding similar ...
9. What can we expect to see from Eighty4 Fly in the next four months?
another mixtape and hopefully tour situations so i can get out the people that want me where they are at
10. Any final thoughts? Shout outs?
s/o everyone who has supported since day one and all the support to come #FlyWorld #TMG and of course big dawg MitchNW & NWSOM

Be sure to follow the homie on Twitter @Eighty4Fly and go 'Like' his page on Facebook while you're at it! COLORS drops this Saturday the 25th!