Leon Swanks - Stories of the iLL & Jaded (Mixtape)

Apologies for the late pass on this one.. Brand new project from my big bro Leon Swanks. #Sandlot shit. Tracklist and download link below.
1. $kitzo Prod. KReamTeam
2. Vengeance feat.Cooley Perrion Prod. SomethingForeign
3. $traightJewels Prod. KReamTeam
4. Reflection$ of the Almighty Prod. KReamTeam
5. Lyin a$$ ni$$a Prod. KReamTeam
6. Hardly get to Love it Prod. Alim Mo
7. Taken Prod. RicandThadeus
8. $he iLL, $he Jaded feat. Frank Vandelay
9. 00$wanks
10. Dojo in $oho Prod. KReamTeam feat. KhrisP
11. Champagne Breakfast Prod. KReamTeam
12. On a Mission Prod. KReamTeam feat. Vespa
13. Product Coppin Prod. Javis Faux
14. $wanky Summers Prod.50cow feat. KO
15. WaterWear/Cashmere $eduction Prod. Javis Faux
16. Live from the beach house feat. Blacksoul Prod. Kuddie Fresh
[Download] Leon Swanks - Stories of the iLL & Jaded (Mixtape)