R.I.P. Nathaniel "Nate Dogg" D. Hale

The cause of death is unknown at this time but it's a strong possibility that it had something to do with his past health issues. Nate Dogg suffered two strokes from 2007 til now.

One things for certain however, West Coast rap will never be the same again. For those who are familiar with T-Pain and Akon, you should know that before those two came along Nate Dogg was pretty much the hook King. Growing up in the 90's it was pretty rare to NOT hear a song on the radio with a hook from him. Whether it be with Ludacris, Warren G, Snoop, 50 or whoever it may be, if you had a Nate Dogg hook your song was pretty much an instant classic.

Listening to this gives me chills now...