XXL Freshman Class of 2011

So XXL just revealed their freshman class of 2011 and with the exception of a couple artists it's a pretty decent looking class I'd have to say. I'm glad to see names like Cyhi and Big K.R.I.T. made the cut as well as Kendrick Lamar, and although I'm not really a fan of Yelawolf nor Mac Miller they both deserved a spot on the cover as much as anybody else.

As for the others, lets not act like Diggy wasn't an automatic pick I mean come on he's pretty much the rap games little brother. Meek Mill just signed to Rick Ross' Maybach Music so I'm sure some of his hype helped with his selection, and with the West Coast behind him YG was a respectable pick as well.

That leaves us with Fred The Godson, Lil Twist, and of course Lil B. I can't really speak on Fred The Godson because I haven't heard that much of him but from the responses I've seen from people so far I get the feeling that XXL could have gone with somebody better. Lil Twist, I mean come on now what exactly has he done to prove that he deserves a Freshman spot? And then we have Lil B... Outside of OJ Da Juiceman this may be one of the worst selections EVER! Seriously tho this guy is nothing short of a joke. I'm choosing not to voice my own opinion on why he shouldn't have gotten picked and instead I will direct you to one of his many YouTube videos and let you create your own opinion of the guy, go here or here. Hope you got some band-aids for your ears...

At the end of the day I would have liked to see somebody like Chip Tha Ripper or even Smoke DZA make the cut instead of Lil B or Lil Twist but oh well. We'll see who's still relevant in 2012.