A Quick Intermission: Stevie Crooks

Here is my brief conversation with the Villain himself, touching on topics such as his upcoming WINE project, the infamous Skimask & more...

M: Its almost been a year since we last talked, how've you been?
SC: Yeah its been a minute fam ,Im actually Excellent after diamonds&guns dropped i took a lil hiatus to watch things a few lil feat. here and there ..But me watching changed my whole perspective about how i should go about making music its alot of politics going on in hip-hop but only the strong will survive and honestly its quality over quantity & with so much bullshit dropping only a select few stick out. i plan on being one of those select few

M: Ok so where did the James Bond theme for 'The WINE' come from?
SC: The james bond theme was already a idea brewing in my brain for years i just wanted to make sure it would get the proper representation and backing for what i visioned 2011 seemed perfect for me to take charge and start creating As you know The W.I.N.E stands for The World Is Not Enough & through this conceptual album ill explain metaphorically what that means to me

M: If you could choose, which song off of 'The WINE' did you enjoy working on the most?
SC: Hmm thats a hard one as an artist we are hard on our own music ...But id have to go with "Tomorrow Never Dies" its Classic i don't want to give any detail about the song
& spoil it for the Fans but im sure when they tune in they will understand why

M: What can we expect from 'The WINE'?
SC: Adventure,Creativity ,Razor-Sharp Wordplay ,New Styles, Elegance ,Aggression ,Knowledge/Wisdom
& a Epic display of Production..[i even produced about 4 of the tracks] Its 007 its only right!

M: Last time around I asked you about your thoughts on the streetwear scene, how do you think it's changed in the past year, and if so for better or for worse?
SC: Sad to say ive strayed away a lil i still catch myself on hypebeast every once and awhile but id say now that im older the simple things catch me.. haha i feel like a old man saying this....but yeah Im in my murdered out Phase[black everything with a dashes of Red]

M: Are we ever going to see the Skimask again?
SC: Yo the mask is retired in a box collecting dust but you never know he may return with Vengeance

M: Did you have any New Year Resolutions?
SC: My new years resolution?...No Half Assing if there is something that needs to be done get it done this year NO DAYS OFF

M: Back to the music, are there any artists that you would like to work with that you haven't had a chance to already?
SC: Man its so many names of talented people id love to work with just to name a few..Stalley ,Cody b ware & the worlds fair fam ,MarzLovejoy,The homie Kris Kasanova,Kendrick lamar. even a heavy hitter like ROYCE da 59 .. its really about the Vibe ..that is key to making a great record with someone

M: What else do you have locked away in the vault for 2011?
SC: My vault is similar to Davy Jones Locker thats all im gonna say

M: For those who don't know, where can they peep some of your material out at?
SC: You can catch a villain on my official site//
My personal tumblr page//
and of course follow me on twitter//

M: Any last words? Shout outs?
& a Salute to My Black Rose Renegades ,Zeniro ,Desi,TaEast&Cairo,Mike morales,Philmao ,Clementco..salute to All my villains & Beautiful Women 7 of course to NW very own Mitch

And don't forget to peep the teaser video for The WINE here!


Michael Morales said...

Stevie Is Razor Sharp with his Delivery! Be Ready!

Hollywood Nicky said...

Dope article! Gonna check out his music!