WTF Wednesday: Air Jordan VII Premio Bin23 Collection

Pic via: KicksOnFire
Plain and simple, wtf. As with previous Bin23 releases I'm sure I wasn't the only person expecting a more "luxurious" shoe. These particular pair of Bin23 VIIs feature an odd color scheme among other things but the part of them that stands out most would have to be the tribal-like markings on the heel of the shoe. If you are a frequent reader of this site then you know my feelings towards JB. I would love to find out who gave these the Ok so I could ask them what the hell exactly they were thinking. Don't get me wrong, I've seen plenty of ugly Air Jordans in my lifetime, but these are one of the most poorly executed designs I think I've ever seen hands down. So with that said, I am officially volunteering my services to Jordan Brand. I've come not to expect much from JB anymore which is pretty sad but these are just a straight up disappointment, especially considering these will most likely be a pretty limited release like the previous ones.