Nike x Sony Playstation "Move" Pack

Nike's first collaboration with Sony back in 2005 resulted in what would become one of the most sought after sneakers ever created, though what do you expect from the two most iconic companies in their respected fields. Well the two are back at it again this time in celebration of the Playstations 15th anniversary, which will highlight the release of the new PS Move controller and Killzone 3. Nike worked with Sony's Director of Product Publicity Ron Eagle on the two sneakers, a Nike Zoom Huarache TR & a Special Forces Boot.

The Huarache features a somewhat identical color scheme of that of the Playstation AF1, they feature a predominantly black upper with a metallic blue strap as well as an ill matching gradient blue midsole. The iridescent Swoosh on the back may be the prettiest thing about these sneakers though. The words "MOVE" and "PLAYSTATION" can also be found on the heeltabs. As far as the SFB's go, "creepy" is probably the first word that'll come to mind when you taket a look at these things. Like the Huaraches, the SFB's are mostly black but with dark red and yellow stitching to match the creepy ass eye on the lateral part of the boot.

Word is there will be two different packages containing both sneakers. The more limited package (rumored to be available exclusively for athletes and celebrities) will include not only both pair of sneakers but a custom PS3, move controller, and a camera as well. The other will just consist of the shoes. Stay tuned for more info on the release of these sneakers. Hit the jump for more pics.