NBA Round Up Week 1

Miami Heat 80 - Boston Celtics 88

For starters I'd like to say Lebron did his job for the night, he played D got a few blocks and was the leading scorer for the Heat. Now for the rest of the team I deffinetly expected more out of guys such as Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and company. But on the positive side of things for the Heat 6 assists isn't bad for D Wade and they do have a lot of time to improve and I'm sure we all expect that from them.

I mean what could I possibly say about the celtics? They are a Savy veterain squad with added amunition like Shaq and Jermaine O'neal, they played with energy and poise, and ofcourse the 6 time all star Paul Pierce came up big time in the clutch with 19 pts 9 reb and 3 ast. That's the type of performace that we will see all season from him, and as for the other 2/3 of the big 3 went for a combined 30 points and Rando for a record 17 ast.

Houston Rockets 110 - Los Angeles Lakers 112

The Lakers begin this night with the spectaculer ring ceremony for the Lakers franchise 16th overall NBA title, and Kobe Bryant's 5th title. We got off to a slow start with 51 points in the first half but slowly picked it up to end the game with 112 points. Pau Gasol came up big for 29-11-2 Kobe Bryant going for a quiet game of 27-5-7 and a suprising performance from the future face of the Lakers Shannon Brown putting up 16 pts going 4/5 from the 3 pt line, it's amazing to see the Lakers pull it off even though we came out a bit rusty!

For the rockets it was great to see Yao Ming back on the hardwood floor, he deffinetly came out very agressive looking for his shot and playing tough D. The Rockets came out on fire almost making every shot they took in the first half, Aaron Brooks came to play today scoring 24 pts and Kevin Martin putting up 26 pts to try and shut down the Lakers, unfortunately for the Rockets the Lakers usually dominate the 4th quarter and did just that.