EA Sports x Nike Trainer 1.2 Tim Tebow NCAA Football '11 PE

If you've been following the blog for a minute now you should know theres a couple things I love, dope kicks, dope music, and the Denver Broncos. So you could imagine I was pretty stoked when news that Denver had drafted the greatest college football player ever in Tim Tebow who I've been following closely ever since his Freshman season. Anyways, the pair of sneakers you see above are a special Player Exclusive for Tebow to commemorate his cover project for the NCAA Football 2011 video game. The shoes feature a Florida Gators colorway, and on the back of each heel are a number of dates marking some of his achievements as well as the word "PROMISE" and the date September 27th, 2008 marking the date the Florida Gators lost to Ole Miss and the infamous speech made by Tebow eventually resulting in another National Championship. Hit the jump for more pics.