Ken Griffey Jr. to return to Mariner's in a "long term role" ... not as player tho

Via: Sports Illustrated
That's not to say he will never be heard from again in Seattle. Goldberg said Griffey will be back in the near future working with the team in a long-term job to be determined.

"I promise you, he will be around plenty,'' Goldberg said. "Actually, this is something that started getting discussed while he was still playing,'' he said of the job with the team.

He said Griffey's new role is going to be long term. Goldberg said it's unlikely to be one that has Griffey in uniform daily as a coach, at least no
t initially.

The agent also said Griffey will return this season for a formal goodbye and retirement ceremony in Seattle.

"Seattle's fans will have the chance to see him and honor him,'' Goldberg said.

Mariners spokesman Tim Hevly says the team welcomes opportunities for Griffey to return but that plans are far from finalized.