Air Jordan VI Retro Infrared Pack (Detailed Pics)

Today brings in a new month and with a new month brings new Air Jordan releases. Probably the most anticipated Jordan release since the Space Jams and probably even more then those, the infamous Infrared VIs will be making their return this month in package form. When news first broke out about this release OG Jordan heads and collectors alike cheered with joy but that joy may have been minimized when pics were later released showing a less-then Infrared midsole like expected. Its no secret that Jordan has severely fallen off the map creativity/quality/design-wise but still, you would think that classics like these would get an OG treatment. Earlier in the year JB release two pretty much identical pairs of VIs where the only difference is the darker shade of red which earned them the nickname "Varsity Reds" when in fact the "Infrared" pairs are 100% more Varsity Red... Shame on you Jordan Brand.

For those of you who may have copped the Varsity Red pairs earlier in the year who don't feel like shelling out another $300 for basically the same shoe, check out this article on Sneakernews. For an extra $3 you can change that Varsity Red look into a better Infrared then that on this years Retros. Anyways, peep the rest of the story for more pics of these wannabees.