SUPERB Chapter III: Colossal

The homies over at Superb just shot over their actual Spring Collection this time lol. Superb is really looking unstoppable, already in their third chapter they are creating quite the buzz in the streetwear world. You know the deal, hit the jump to peep the rest of Colossal.
Superb delivers its third season and continues to build its classic look by maintaining their signature minimalistic color-palette and attention to detail. This season depicts the company's aggressive attitude with a symbolic portrayal of force, action, and ambition. The line takes inspiration metaphorically from colossal structures, systems, and ideals incorporated into principles that shape the mindset of one who journeys to build a legacy. Superb opens up the third chapter in its book with the objective to further reinforce their identity; individuals bound to control outcomes without exception. The collection is delivering to all Superb dealers near you. View the complete lookbook on their website.