A Quick Intermission: Stevie Crooks

For those who arent familiar with Stevie, hes a California artist who's finally getting some much deserved attention from listeners. Dudes been real busy lately putting out a mixtape and shootin videos among other things but he took A Quick Intermission from all that to answer some questions I had for him...

Me - You just dropped Diamonds&Guns your follow up project to CSTC, which did you enjoy working on more?

SC - i would have to say CSTC for the Fact i Love 90s hiphop and got to rap over classics i grew up playing daily and still do to this day

Me - How do you feel about where hip-hop is today?

SC - HipHop is wonderful Rap is a different story haha

Me - How did you come up with the name for Diamonds & Guns?

SC - The title Diamonds&Guns comes From a saying i made up myself "in order to gain use the power given" for some one to get there [Wants/Diamonds] they must use power [Power/Guns]

Me - What is your favorite track off of D&G?

SC - My favorite Track off D&G would have to be AvatarTheLastearbender the melodic beat zilla shot to me that day was perfect for the mood i was feeling. For the fact ive been doin this forever and people saying i came outta no where and Rumors of me Changing and being hollywood was the base of the song and it somewhat grew into more as i wrote

Me - Growing up on the West Coast which has produced the likes of Ice Cube, Dre, Snoop & more, did you look up to or listen to any of those guys growing up?

SC - growing up all i listened to was Eastcoast music Nas,Wu,Tribe i didnt appreciate west coast music till i got older and went back to there First project those are when a artist is Raw hungry and uncut

Me - There's been a wave of new artists coming out lately, what about your music separates you from the rest of em?

SC - Iam The Avatar last Ear bender

Me - Your no stranger to the streetwear game either, how do you think the cultures changed over the past few years?

SC - Street wear isnt dead just had to be filtered Its been like everyother industry ...lastyear was a turnoff in away since everyone and they grams was doing photoshopped images off google but For people who appreciate creativity&Art nothing has changed

Me - Any brands you're really feeling right now?

SC - Of course i rock with LifeOfVillains sea town whutup! Crooks&castles has my upmost respect
also the cats at Svperb are very impressive

Me - Last pair of kicks you bought?

SC - Shit some regular Halfcabs these companys doin to much Bright multi colored shit for my long ass foot

Me - Anything your fans can look forward from you in the near future?

SC - A Name in this Hiphop culture

Me - Got any shout outs?
SC - Everybodie

If you haven't already downloaded Diamonds & Guns or CSTC head over to StevieCrooks.com. For more on Stevie add him on Myspace or follow him on Twitter.