Lil Wayne To Star In Avatar Sequel?

I hope not. The above picture of an Avatar'd out Weezy started to stir up rumors when it began showing up on blogs and music sites. However Super Touch Art is confirming that the soon-to-be incarcerated rapper will play a lead role in Avatar II.

It was announced today that human alien LIL WAYNE has been confirmed as the lead role in AVATAR II as the leader of the NAVI. Pre-production is set to commence upon Wayne’s release from prison in 2011, earlier if he gets out for good behavior…
Personally Id rather not have Lil Wayne of all people play a lead role in Avatar let alone their be a sequel. We all know how those turn out, with the exception of a few series.

Other then STA no other source is confirming this so it may just end up being a rediculous rumor, lets all hope so.