A Quick Intermission: Stevie Crooks

For those who arent familiar with Stevie, hes a California artist who's finally getting some much deserved attention from listeners. Dudes been real busy lately putting out a mixtape and shootin videos among other things but he took A Quick Intermission from all that to answer some questions I had for him...

Me - You just dropped Diamonds&Guns your follow up project to CSTC, which did you enjoy working on more?

SC - i would have to say CSTC for the Fact i Love 90s hiphop and got to rap over classics i grew up playing daily and still do to this day

Me - How do you feel about where hip-hop is today?

SC - HipHop is wonderful Rap is a different story haha

Me - How did you come up with the name for Diamonds & Guns?

SC - The title Diamonds&Guns comes From a saying i made up myself "in order to gain use the power given" for some one to get there [Wants/Diamonds] they must use power [Power/Guns]

Me - What is your favorite track off of D&G?

SC - My favorite Track off D&G would have to be AvatarTheLastearbender the melodic beat zilla shot to me that day was perfect for the mood i was feeling. For the fact ive been doin this forever and people saying i came outta no where and Rumors of me Changing and being hollywood was the base of the song and it somewhat grew into more as i wrote

Me - Growing up on the West Coast which has produced the likes of Ice Cube, Dre, Snoop & more, did you look up to or listen to any of those guys growing up?

SC - growing up all i listened to was Eastcoast music Nas,Wu,Tribe i didnt appreciate west coast music till i got older and went back to there First project those are when a artist is Raw hungry and uncut

Me - There's been a wave of new artists coming out lately, what about your music separates you from the rest of em?

SC - Iam The Avatar last Ear bender

Me - Your no stranger to the streetwear game either, how do you think the cultures changed over the past few years?

SC - Street wear isnt dead just had to be filtered Its been like everyother industry ...lastyear was a turnoff in away since everyone and they grams was doing photoshopped images off google but For people who appreciate creativity&Art nothing has changed

Me - Any brands you're really feeling right now?

SC - Of course i rock with LifeOfVillains sea town whutup! Crooks&castles has my upmost respect
also the cats at Svperb are very impressive

Me - Last pair of kicks you bought?

SC - Shit some regular Halfcabs these companys doin to much Bright multi colored shit for my long ass foot

Me - Anything your fans can look forward from you in the near future?

SC - A Name in this Hiphop culture

Me - Got any shout outs?
SC - Everybodie

If you haven't already downloaded Diamonds & Guns or CSTC head over to StevieCrooks.com. For more on Stevie add him on Myspace or follow him on Twitter.

Dissizit x New Era 'DxBones 1984' Fitted

I need this in my life. Click the link below for more pics.

KG & DRose Adidas Equation Commercial

Original Fake x Loopwheeler Zip-up Hoodies

Original Fake got together with Japans own Loopwheeler to design a new zip-up hoodie. The hoodies come in grey and black and feature the Kaws X Eyes logo on the cuffs and the chest. These should be available this Spring. More pics after the jump.

Big Sean - Way Out Ft. Mr. Hudson

No word if this is gonna be on Finally Famous or not. Kanye production on this, download link below.

Update: Links been taken down. According to Big Sean's Twitter this version of 'Way Out' is old and WONT be the final version on the album.


Stevie Crooks - Avatar The Last EarBender (Video) Preview

If you havent downloaded Stevie's newest project Diamonds & Guns head over to StevieCrooks.com

Killer Mike - Still My Ni**a Ft. Ludacris & Game

An unexpected track from an unlikely trio. Ludacris & Game hop on this laid back beat with Killer Mike. Ludacris sounds so much doper on slower tracks like these. Download link below.

UNDFTD x New Era Spring '10 Logo Cap

Available tomorrow at UNDFTD chapter stores and webstores. Hit the jump for pics of the red fitted.

Pistons Trainer Bans Nike Hyperize

According to Detroit Pistons trainer Arnie Kander, the reduction of weight on the Nike Hyperize comes at a price — injuries. Three of the Pistons guards, including Ben Gordon, Will Bynum and Richard Hamilton (who doesn’t really fit the bill as a Jordan Brand athlete), have spent time on the sidelines this season with ankle issues. Kander didn’t point out the brand, but once referenced them as glorified “moccasins.” A little harsh maybe, but this is also coming from the trainer of the same team that fines their players for not taping their ankles.

“I’m not going to name the brand of shoe it was, but it has been banned from our locker room and the guys aren’t allowed to wear it,” Kander said. “These shoes had taken most of the support out of the sides and it was a lighter shoe. Most basketball shoes weigh between 1.4 and 1.7 pounds.”

“These shoes were weighing 0.8 pounds, which was way too light as far as side support,” he continued. “Since we’ve banned the shoe, knock on wood, we haven’t had any ankle sprains. Hopefully, the good Lord willing, we won’t have any more and we can finish the season healthy and see what these guys can really do.”

Overly cautious?

Not really. Quite possibly a believer in ankle insurance though, as Ben Gordon and Will Bynum have both switched to wearing the Zoom Kobe IV, ironically a low top sneaker.

*Edit* Interestingly enough, Charlie Villanueva (see last pic) is still wearing the Hyperize, so maybe Kander is only concerned with his guards wearing the shoe.

Ball Don’t Lie
Interesting... maybe this is the reason Detroits been slackin.

Air Jordan 25th Anniversary III, IV, IX Confirmed for March

Jordan Brands officially confirmed a March release for the 25th Anniversary IIIs, IVs, and IXs. The tricky part is that permitting stores only one shoe to release. For example on store wont be carrying the IVs and IXs or IIIs and IVs so your gonna have to hit three different spots if you want all three pairs. Stay tuned for more release info.

Nike Hyperdunk x Aston Martin

Nike has got together once again with car manufacturer Aston Martin to design a special pair of Hyperdunks. This pair is different then the original sample pair that was unveiled last year. Nike does away with the outer mahogany accents and swoosh border and goes with an all metallic silver upper. This pair also features an Aston Martin x Kobe Bryant logo on the tongue. These are limited to 500 pairs worldwide and will see a Spring release later this year. If your a 7.5 you can scoop up Osneakers last pair for $550. More pics after the jump.

Concise Kilgore - Indecent Proposal

Heres some material from a brand new artist I just heard for the first time tonight on SNSS, dude goes by the name of Concise Kilgore. This mixtape was inspired entirely by music from Sade. Concise keeps it real hip-hop, this is worth a listen.

Tiger Woods Press Conference Extended Footage

Please Rob Me

GLC - Momentum

Quintin Co. Hippy Fitted Cap

Quintin Co. has designed a brand new Hippy inspired fitted baseball cap featuring an all over tie-dye print and a gold 'Q' logo on the front. This hat will be dropping soon.

Good Wood x JETS Sneak Peek

LRG Spring 2010 Collection

LRG always encourages the wearer of their gear to be one with their surroundings and the earth and for their Spring 2010 photo shoot LRG alongside team riders Rob Gonzales, Karl Watson, and Kelly Hart as well as up and comer in the music scene Mike Posner went out to the wilderness which serves as a perfect background for the photo shoot. This companies direction has changed from a more urban flashy streetwear feel to a more mature and distinguished look. Lifted Research Group is still on top of this streetwear game. Hit the jump for pics of the rest of the shoot.

Stevie Crooks - Diamonds & Guns

The much anticipated mixtape from Stevie Crooks and LOV. This really is the Best Coast. So much talent coming up lately. Download link below...

I Need Some Friends Like This Lol

Lol @ Greg Street "But I just cant let you keep smokin all that reggie"

Air Jordan 2k10 - Black/University Blue

Im not gonna lie the 2K10s have grown on me a 'lil bit. Maybe not enough to shell out $170 but I might have to reconsider after seeing these pics. I for one am feeling the black/university blue colorway, I wanna see them in person before I make my final verdict though. Hit the jump for more pics.

Freeway & Jake One - The Stimulus Package (Review)

Quality work. Thats all i really got to say. Dope lyrics, sick beats = great album. This isn't one of those albums where you gotta skip a couple tracks neither which is pretty surprising to come across these days. I donno why people sleep on Freeway dude can flow.

Standout tracks: Freekin' The Beat, One Thing, Sho' Nuff, Know What I Mean

Senior Citizen - 1 Shit Talker - 0

Dont dish shit out if you cant take any in return. Lmao @ dude trying to talk more shit after the old man gets off the bus. Sit your ass down man you just got your shit rocked in front of everybody.

Bonus footage lol...

Update: Apparently this isnt the first time the man known as Thomas Bruso or 'Nam Tom or my favorite, Epic Beard Man, has shown up on Youtube. Back in August of 09' Epic Beard Man was tasered by police at an Oakland A's game. Dudes got some problems lol.

Game - R.E.D. Album Tracklisting (Rumored)

Theres already been a number of different tracklists released but this apparently is the official one. The R.E.D. Album is supposed to drop March 23rd but may end up getting pushed back even further. If all goes as planned, Energy Feat. Justin Timberlake will be the first single.

Tracks I wanna hear most: 2,11, 13,
Questionable: Man's World Feat. Lady Gaga...
1- 140 Barz (Produced by Cool & Dre)
2- Ricky (Produced by DJ Khalil, Additional Production by Dr. Dre And DJ Quik)
3- It Must Be Feat. Dion (Produced By Dr. Dre)
4- Energy Feat. Justin Timberlake (Produced By The Neptunes)
5- Lost Feat. Nate Dogg (Produced by Nottz)
6- Before I Sleep (Produced by Hi-Tek)
7- Walk With Me (Produced by Dr. Dre)
8- Ambulance Feat. Young Jeezy (Produced by Maestro)
9- White Soft Porn (Produced by 1500 & Nothin)
10- Man’s World Feat. Lady GaGa (Produced by Kanye West)
11- R.E.D Feat. Busta Rhymes (Produced by Dessy Des, Additional Production by TreBeatz)
12- Heat Feat. Ludacris (Produced by J.R Rotem)
13- The Noble Feat. Lupe Fiasco (Produced by The Neptunes)
14- Unleashed (Produced By The Neptunes)
15- I Been Eatin’ [Money II] (Produced by Cool & Dre, Additional Production by Pharrell)
16- Snap (Produced by Dr. Dre)
17- Lies Feat. Mary J. Blidge (Produced by Dr. Dre)
18- Cali Story (Produced by Jeff Bass , Additional Production by Eminem)
19- This Pen Feat. Nas (Produced by Dr. Dre , Additional Production by Pharrell)


* Would I be Wrong Feat. Akon (Produced by Polow Da Don )
* Manslaughter Feat. Beanie Siegel (Produced by Tha Bizness)
* Big Money (Remix) Feat. Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross , Nipsey Hussle (Produced by Cool & Dre)
* For My B*tchez (Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League)

Alex Rodriguez Nike PE Cleats From 97'

The reason Im making a post for these is because Alex Rodriguez (PEDs or not) is still my all time favorite baseball player ever. Thanks to hnt-w-m-n over on ISS for supplying the pictures. These cleats were worn by A-Rod during the 1997 season while he was still a part of the Seattle Mariners. That year was special not only to the M's which just so happened to be their 20th Anniversary but also the 50th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson.The Mariners finished 1st in the AL West that year with a record of 90-72 and was eventually outed in the ALDS by the Orioles. Hopefully these will end up being part of my A-Rod collection in the near future. Hit the jump for more pics.

Vans Vault Sierra 106 LX

Theres been quite a few hiking boot-inspired kicks dropping as of late and now it seems its Vans turn to get in on the fad. They feature an all canvas upper along with hiking boot-inspired lace eyelets, these will be available in three different colorways this coming March at Vans Vault retailers.

Air Max Griffey Quickstrike 2/20

Be sure to hit up your local QS account to scoop these up. I still need some OGs smh.

Stevie Crooks - MOMF

Newest track of his upcoming project Diamonds&Guns dropping tomorrow (2/18).

Lupe Fiasco - Im Beaming (Unofficial Video)

Lasers comin soon, hopefully.

I Need This In My Life!

I have the 8900 Curve right now and just got the Blackberry Data Plan for it and am loving it but I'm growing tired of the trackball and I feel like its only a matter of time before it craps out on me like my Curve 8320 before and my Pearl did before that. The way I see it if theres a better device on the market I want it, especially when its a new BB. All Ive heard are great things about the trackpad so far and not to mention theres finally a BB for Tmobile with 3G.

Curren$y - Pilot Talk (Trailer)

The Hot Spitta's been droppin material like crazy and it'l only get better as his upcoming album, Pilot Talk drops March 23rd. Check out the video trailer for it. Yet another Creative Control production. Be sure to download that new Smokee Robinson mixtape too.

GLC - Lay It Down Feat. Trouble Andrew

Windows Phone 7 Series

iPhone killer?

Method Man x Ghostface x Raekwon - Wu-Massacre (Artwork)

Dope ass cover! Only on a Wu album. Dropping March 9th yall.

LRG Icons Watch

Heres a few shots of a piece from LRGs watch line. After collaborating with Casio LRG has created some of their very own time pieces. Only on an accessory from LRG will you find this sort of creativity mixed with class all in one. Thats why even though theres some dope up-and-coming brands out there, Lifted Research Group is still on top whether you think so or not. You can cop one now at Karmaloop, be sure to use the code 'NORTHWEST' for 20% off your first purchase and 10% every purchase there after.

Benny Gold Diamonds Embroidered New Era Cap

I need the red one in my life, the green bottomed bill is a nice touch too. All three colors will be available at Benny Gold retailers soon.

LDRS 1354 'Copper' New Era Cap

Ty from LDRS just gave us a sneak peek of a brand new LDRS fitted set to release this weekend. They give their traditional LDRS logo cap a 'Copper' makeover to commemorate the release of the Copper Foamposites that just dropped. If you know anything about LDRS hats its that if you miss them the first time good luck finding them elsewhere, take it from me. Theyll be available in store @ 11AM.

Update: For those who are curious just how well this hat matches your Foams hit the jump for another pic.

Primitive Spring 2010 Collection W/ Brenda Lynn & Shay Maria

If this video dont make you wanna cop something from Primitives new collection then your a stronger person then me lmao. Be on the lookout for some of the tees, decks and more from the video to drop next month.

24 Hour Karate School (Trailer)

Heres an 11-minute trailer for Ski Beatz 24 Hour Karate School. The project in its entirety drops March 30th. From the looks of the snippets this should be a project worth waiting for. Read on for the artwork & tracklist.


Cocaine is a helluva drug... The girl in the video eventually overdosed and was rushed the the hospital. Im not surprised.

Vans Vault Authentic

Heres the latest release from the Vans Vault. Three new Authentics get a herringbone patterned upper to go along with an all white midsole. A navy, black, and tan pair are now available at Vans Vault retailers. Hit the jump to check out the other two pairs.

Illest Coffee Table Ever?

What looks like just an ordinary slab of concrete made into a coffee table is considered by me and Im sure many others a priceless piece of history. If your wondering why the word 'MAKAVELI' is engraved in it thats because this particular piece of cement is from the back yard of the late Tupac Shakur.... The later owner of his house, DJ Lethal took this right out of the ground when he moved out.

Medicom x Mega Man Bearbrick Set - Rockman & Blues

Mega Man used to be my shit back in the day! These will be available on the 18th of this month.

NBA All Star Game 2010 Dunks

The only reason I really watch the All Star Game, and might I say the dunks in this game were all better then the ones in the dunk contest. How sad is that?

Nodar Kumaritashvili Crash Video

For those who havent seen the video yet here it is...


It was just announced that Foot Locker will be opening a House Of Hoops location at South Center (Tukwila, WA for everybody else) !!!!!!!!! I jsut got found a connect for HOH in NYC too lol. Oh well!

Freeway - Freelapse Mixtape

Ive been waiting for this mixtape to drop since last year and its finally here. A mixtape full of Freeway rhymin over some of Eminems classic beats. Also dont forget to go out and cop Freeway and Jake Ones new album The Stimulus Package, if the fact that its some new Freeway and Jake One doesnt convince you to buy it just check out the dope ass album packaging. Hit the jump for the tracklist and download link.

McLovin x NBA All-Star Weekend

This Shit Right Here?

THIS is a Dunk Contest... Smfh @ this years, congrats to Nate Robinson tho.

Wiz Khalifa - This Plane (Official Video)

The official video for the Khalifa mans single This Plane off of Deal Or No Deal.

Human Chain

Nike commercials ftw.

MTV Diary Of N.E.R.D.

Dope. Watch this. Pt. 2 after the jump.

Nike Air Force 1 - All-Star Weekend 2010

The All-Star weekend is almost underway, kicking things off tomorrow with the Rookie Challenge and the Celebrity Game. And as usual Nike has put out a collection of Air Force 1 lows and one high to celebrate the big weekend. The high gets a dope polished silver looking upper with a black midsole and matching accents as well as an All-Star inspired logo of the lone-star state of Texas where the events are being held this weekend. The four pairs of lows all get the patent leather treatment with white midsoles and black soles. Each pair also features the All-Star weekend logo on the heel along with a metallic silver swoosh. All five pairs are available at the NikeStore. hit the jump for more pics.

Curren$y - Lemon Kush (Video)

Creative Control gives us a look inside the studio and shows us Spitta gettin down in the booth and layin out the first verse to Lemon Kush off of Smokee Robinson.


If you havent seen this movie you need to. Comedy at its finest. Not like the corny/dumb comedy nowadays. Definitely one of my top 10 favorite movies.

This Is Just Sad

I understand its been snowing like crazy out East but damn. Can the Nets get any love at all?

Oakley Valentines Day Frogskins

Limited to only 30 pairs Oakley has designed a special pair of Frogskins to celebrate Valentines Day. Sadly these werent made available to the public but you can check out their case they came in after the jump.


Something doesnt seem right about this...

Cypress Hill - It Aint Nothin

Rise Up drops April 6th.

Northwest State Of Mind...

I felt it was time for a change so welcome to NW State Of Mind. I planned on keeping the AQI name and moving on from there but the web address wasnt available just my luck. No I went another route and this is what I ended up with.

Be sure to replace any Quick Intermission links you may have with NW State Of Mind. This isnt the last of the changes so stay posted.

Young & Reckless x Diamond Supply Co. - SK8 2 Death Tee

Newcomer in the streetwear game Drama, and his brand Young & Reckless got together with Diamond Supply Co. to release a special collabo tee. The shirts pay homage to Nick Diamonds hometown of San Francisco, CA and Dramas hometown of Akron, OH. Drama just might be the biggest name coming out of Akron, after Lebron James and Thurman Munson of course. But it all comes down to Los Angeles where they both live present day. These will be available on February 19th. Stay tuned for more info. More pics after the jump.


Nike Air Force 1 High - Tokyo Destroyers

Its a new year and that means a new Destroyer pack from Nike. Closely resembling the Workboot Air Force 1 this pair is covered in black leather with white contrast stitching. The Tokyo destroyer shield can also be found on the heel of the shoe as well as the lace locks. Also lookout for the matching letterman jacket from Nike. No release date info is known yet so stay posted for more details. Peep the rest of the pics after the jump.