Air Jordan II - University Blue/Black Summer 2010

Oh Brand Jordan, where do I begin? BJ has certainly fallen off the map of the footwear industry in the past few years, in my opinion at least. Whether it be theyre choice of colorways to release, the quality of the shoe itself, or some of the designs theyve put out. It seems that the days of clean/simple colorways are gone, every shoe nowadays has to have crazy colors or crazy materials, and that brings us to the Jordan IIs you see above. Set to drop in August, these all blue IIs definitely have me wondering about the direction Brand Jordan is heading in. It may just be the fact that I personally favor simple colorways over the more eye-catching ones, but its almost seeming like Jordans are turning into the Air Force 1 of the shoe industry. Soon theres going to be countless amounts of colorway for each Jordan shoe, and other then the retros they put out every now and then in some of the original colorways there hasnt been a new one that Ive liked (With the exception of the Raging Bull V cus I love red). Hit the jump for more pics of these abominations.