Just For The Record

After displaying my feelings towards Seattle teams the other day after the Seahawks blown game, a lot of people came at me saying Im not loyal to my States teams and Im a bandwagon hopper. To set the record straight, Ive always been a huge Mariner, Huskies, Supersonics (RIP), Zags, and Seahawks fan but it gets tough rooting for underachieving or just plain bad teams. I dont think theres any law as to how many teams you can root for. Just because I was born in Washington doesnt mean the teams here are my favorites, I guarantee Im a bigger Denver Bronco fan then anybody whos stopped by my blog. Coming from a Colorado born family Id be disowned if I didnt root for the Broncos. As for the NBA, Ive been a fan of Detroits since Grant Hill was there. My love for the Pistons only grew when Seattle was FUCKED OVER and our Sonics were relocated to OKC. As for UCONN, for some reason Ive always followed this school. Back when I had hopes of going to a University, Connecticut and UW were always my top two choices. And lastly the Florida Gators, Ive been following the football team ever since they beat Syracuse in the Orange Bowl a while back. If theres one thing I dont do its hop back and forth between teams. These are the teams I follow most so dont look for that to change anytime soon.