J. Cole On Sunday Night Sound Session

While out here on the Blueprint 3 tour J. Cole dropped by SNSS to talk with the homies DJ Hyphen and J. Moore.

  • Pt 1. His background and influences
  • How he found his own voice on the mic
  • His first rap names
  • The tenacity in his delivery
  • How graduating college helped him as an artist and person
  • His experiences hustling beats as a producer

      • Pt 2. His audition with Jay-Z and when he got signed to Roc Nation
      • The Come Up vs. The Warm Up
      • The state of his basketball game these days
      • The Blueprint 3 tour and Jay’s cosign
      • The status of his debut album
      • His production influences

  • Pt 3. Where he sees himself in 5 years
  • What he would change about the music industry
  • His 5 favorite foods
  • The decline of MySpace