DJ AM Shoe Collection To Be Auctioned Off This Sunday

Earlier this year Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein passed away in his New York apartment due to what medical examiners have concluded as a drug overdose. Goldstein wasnt just popular in the music industry but also the fashion industry. Anybody who is a fan of rare and exclusive Nikes among other shoes, knows just how big he was in the sneaker game. He was close friends with jeweler Ben Baller, fellow disc jockey DJ Homicide, and sneaker customizer Methamphibian who collectively made up the Air Mack'$ Crew, a group of devoted sneaker collectors.

After AMs death one of the more popular questions surrounding his death was what would happen to that HUGE shoe collection of his? It was later announced that they would eventually be put up for auction. This Sunday the collection will go up on eBay with all the proceeds going to his memorial fund which aims to help people with their addictions and recovery. Head over to the DJ AM Memorial Fund page on eBay to find out more.