Weezy Pleads Guilty

"Rapper Lil Wayne pleaded guilty in a New York City court this morning to criminal gun possession. The Cash Money Records multi-platinum superstar's charges date back to a July 2007 arrest in Manhattan's Columbus Circle. At the time, the rapper's tour bus was reported stopped by New York Police Department officers for suspicion of drug-use after smoke was visible. Upon police search, Wayne reported put a pistol in a Louis Vuitton bag and attempted to remove the evidence from the scene.

As a result of the plea, the
New York Post reports that Wayne will have to serve a one-year sentence behind bars. The specifics will come at a 2010 trial date in a Manhattan Supreme Court.

In March, the top-selling rapper of 2008 will face gun charges from an unrelated incident in Arizona.
Wayne has already entered a not guilty plea to that case.

Prior to his sentencing,
Lil Wayne is expected to release several albums, including The Rebirth and Tha Carter IV."

Maybe more interesting about this case is that it seems as if Weezys gonna have to cut off those trademark dreadlocks of his if he indeed is going to jail.

"As word is still spreading that LIL WAYNE was sentenced to one year in state prison, now come the inevitable questions: logistics.

Among many of the questions comes an interesting one:
Will Weezy have to cut off his dreadlocks?
By now most of the world knows Wayne with his signature dreads – he even helped spur a resurgence of the tedious style following his meteoric success. But according to New York State law, dreadlocks are almost always forbidden.

We reached out to a lawyer friend of ours to find out Wayne’s sentence means for his almost waist-length locks.

“Male prisoners are only allowed to wear their hair in cornrows, going straight back. And they can’t exceed the ‘natural hairline’ in length.” Now of course our question is: what does ‘natural hairline’ mean?

“It means it can’t extend the neck.” But there is one loop-hole in the issue – though I’m not sure it’s going to help Wayne. “Prisoners who claim Rastafarri as their religion are allowed in most cases to keep their locks. But even then there’s a process to determine if it’s genuine.”

I know what you’re saying, Why does it matter to prison officials in the first place? Well the rules on personal grooming have everything to do with safety and control. Authorities argue that contraband can be hidden in the hair and that is can be shaved to quickly alter appearance in the event of escape.

So it doesn’t look good for Weezy. This will be one interesting mug shot."

This is gonna do nothing but boost record sales and popularity for him, look what happened to TI, its pretty evident from the past that other then the fact your going to prison, it canend up being a good thing career wise for these guys.