UW lost today at Notre Dame 30-37 in OT. This game was close the whole day. UW held ND to 5 FGs instead of TDs which was nice and all I guess.

The biggest play of the game however was on a Chris Polk run in the red zone, Polk got into the endzone (fuck you if you think he didnt). The play was then overruled for some reason by these hatin ass refs. Apparently at the point where Polks knee was down the ball "wasnt across the goal line" EVEN THO IT WAS. The worst part about it was that we couldnt get into the endzone for a TD after that even after getting a roughing the kicker call which gave us a fresh set of downs we got stopped every single time. Smfh. We shoulda came out 3-2 after todays game.

Ive never liked gay ass Notre Dame.