New Twitter

Thanks to Twitter themselves for saying I was under violation of "copyright infringement" for posting links to my blog containing links to albums, mixtapes, and youtube videos of all things. Im trying to get my Sneakrhed account back Id rather have that then to have to start all over again with a new one since everybody already knows me as Sneakrhed but fuck it, until then...

Nike Zoom Kobe V x Hyperize - 2010

Im likin these a lot better then the actual Kobe V and Hyperize themselves to be honest.

Volkswagon Commercial


Subaru Kickboxer Motorcycle Concept

Hella dope, peep the car motor on the side lol.

More New Game + News

Now this is the shit Im talkin bout, this is what I wanna hear from Game. Its been a good day if your a Game fan, well I guess it depends cus this is the only really solid track from him Ive heard so far. But anyways the snippet of this track leaked the other day and heres the full version.

Maybe even better news from today then the three singles is this tweet from the Compton kid.

New Game

Heres the first two singles from the R.E.D. Album due out Dec. 8th. The first single is Krazy ft. annoying ass Gucci Mane and a verse as well as production by Timbaland. The second is Big Money with production by Cool & Dre. Like I said before in previous posts I wasnt expectin to like the track with Gucci and I wasnt wrong, as for Big Money, its coo but the hook could use some work.

The Wu Massacre

I take back what I said about the R.E.D. Album and Sir Luscious Left Foot being the album Im looking forward to most, well actually Big Bois and this are pretty even.

"On December 22, Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface will be releasing one helluva an album. To promote this highly anticipated release, we proudly present “The Wu-Massacre” Part I of III Trailers inspired by the classic David Fincher flick “Seven”. Enjoy!"

Hes Baaack

Dudes been on hiatus for a looong time.


96-74 over the Grizzlies.

Rip put in 25 and Ben Gordon added 22 in his Piston debut, the other new Piston Charlie Villanueva also had 3 blocks.

One bad thing to take away from this game however was Rip left the game after rolling his ankle in the 4th period. In the first game really....


He may not be up there with Kobe, LBJ, and DWade but hes still a monster. Ive always liked this dude a lot more then LBJ and DWade too.

Forza Motorsports 3

I still need to get another 360 Ive been slackin, way too many good games comin out.

R.E.D. Album Tee

Album in stores Dec. 8th.

More Zoom Kobe V Colorways

Im still not sure I like these more then the IVs but theyre still decent.

The Season Begins Tonight

Well Technically it started yesterday but it starts tonight for my Detroit Pistons. Its been a crazy past year and off-season from AI, to Currys firing (thank god), to bringing in Charlie V. and Ben Gordon and even bringing back a familiar face in Ben Wallace. Detroit is in none other then Memphis tonight where former teammate Allen Iverson is now, although its not likely that hes gonna play tonight.

On another not, Rip spoke on the situation about Michael Curry and Allen Iverson from last year:

“M.C. lied to us a million times,” Hamilton said of Curry. “He sat me and A.I. down one time and was like, ‘I’m going to lean on both of you the whole year, just don’t go to the media. Say you’ll do whatever for the team and blah blah blah.’ This was a week before he brought me off the bench. He lied. So I feel for what Allen said.”

He added: “I think the person that we had didn’t know how to take advantage of (our roster). Instead of taking advantage of it, he killed it.”

Hamilton also discredited the idea that the Pistons, although upset about losing Chauncey Billups in the trade with the Nuggets, were unwilling to accept Iverson as a teammate. Asked if he ever had any problems with Iverson, Hamilton said: “Oh, no, no, no. We loved him, he loved us. We were all friends, we were all brothers. Like I said, certain people make it complicated when it shouldn’t be complicated.”

At least thats behind the team now, time to get back to the top of the EC where we belong.

Hold On A Sec

Apparently the leaked version of Weezys No Ceilings mixtape that dropped last night wasnt the official tape. The official "MTV" No Ceilings will still drop this Halloween but with more songs. Until then Ill be listening to my version of No Ceilings.

Ice Cream - Show Girls Tee

Only thing lately from Ice Cream Ive been feelin.

Poor Phil

Tryna play it off like he didnt just get left hangin lol.

BET Awards Freestyle Cyphers

WOW! Mos Def, Black Though and Marshall, these three needa do a track together that shit would be fuckin fire. Their cypher gets the nod for only thing worth watching at the wack ass BET Awards.

Buddens was coo, Buckshots dope, and if you like Nicki Minaj slap yourself five times for me please.

KRS was dope as usual, Wale was dope, Nipsey was dope, and Gsan was coo I guess too lol.

Finally Got His Ring

Fuckin icey!

Berghaus x Griffin Innsbruck Jacket & Infinity Light Insulator

Dope! Both Available now at Rumors

2009-10 NBA Season Openers

The game I was looking to most tonight was gonna the the Lakers/Clippers game just cus Im anxious to see how Blake Griffin does but since hes out for 6 weeks with an injury it looks like Ill be watching the Celtics/Cavs game.

I dont even care much for any of these teams anyways except for the Lakers, my Detroit Pistons opener is tomorrow at Memphis.

Washington Wizards vs Dallas Mavericks
TNT: Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers
Houston Rockets vs Portland Trailblazers
TNT: Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers - Blake Griffin

Game Talks Name Change, R.E.D. Album & More

Also confirms hes dropping two singles next week and if the rumors have been true its not really anything for die hard "Game" fans should be excited for as word is the two singles will feature Gucci Mane (wack) and the other Chris Brown (wack).

Diamond Supply Co. NYC Diamond Life Tee

Set to drop this holiday season.

DJ AMs Shoe Collection To Be Auctioned Off

Theres gonna be A LOT of heat.

Maestro Knows NYC Edition

Featuring BMX star Nigel Sylvester.

The Clipse On SNSS

I just showed yall the video of them talking about their newest single Popular Demand, heres an extended video of the sit down, and click below for the interview in its entirety.

"In their second Sunday Night Sound Session interview, Malice and Pusha T stopped by Seattle’s KUBE 93 to chop it up with DJ Hyphen on 9-10-09. They talked all about their upcoming “Till The Casket Drops” album, including breakdowns of their singles with Kanye West, Cam’ron, and Pharrell. They also looked back on their past work, detailed the success of their Play Cloths fashion line, doled out advice to younger artists, and much more."

When MadTV Was Funny

Classic bit.

And 1 Tai Chi Retro

For those of you who dont remember these shoes slap yourself. The And 1 Tai Chis were among the elite pairs of basketball shoes back in the day. I knew six or seven kids that always rocked these. The unique yin-yang design and the cheap price tag made these an instant classic, not only that but after Vince Carter won the Slam Dunk Contest everybody wanted a pair. On November 12th these will be hitting the shelves of Foot Lockers across the country for only $70, take yourself a break from the Nikes and Vans and cop a classic.

George Lopez For Legalization Of Marijuana

Its comin, it may not be for another 5 or 6 years but its comin.



Nike Air Max 1 Patta Holiday '09 - White/Chlorophyll

Hella dope. Heres a look at a collab between Nike and Patta. These along with another pair are supposed to drop sometime this holiday season so be on the lookout.

Jonas Bevacqua

The genius behind my favorite clothing line LRG.

"Game" x Rick Ross @ Guys And Dolls

Why does Game keep tryna renew this beef with 50? Hes just tarnishing his own legacy he needs to relax.

All Day

Adrian "All Day" Peterson runs right through William Gay.

Felt On Ray Shemersy Tonight Pt. 2

Part 2 for the group and Aesop Rock on Ray Shemersy Tonight to talk about Felt 3 and answering fan submitted questions.

The Clipse On "Popular Demand"

The group stopped by Sunday Night Sound Session to talk a lil about their new album and the track Popular Demand w/ Cam'ron.

For Those Who Missed The Vikings vs Steelers Yesterday

Lol @ who ever edited the video.

Nike Blazer High - Dark Obsidian/Red

Looks more like black/red to me but still a clean shoe regardless.
Clean/simple colorways > crazy flashy colorways

HUF '09 Fall Collection

The black/grey crew neck is fuckin dope as hell. I only posted the pieces I liked from this collection but you can see the rest here.

Hip-Hop Music Used As Torture At Guantanamo Bay

"A group of prominent artists are moving forward with a lawsuit against the U.S. government for using music as a means for torture at Cuba’s controversial Guantanamo Bay facility.

Last December, news hit media outlets about how military personnel were using music to humiliate and demoralize detainees.

Rage Against the Machine member Tom Morello is participating in the suit, and revealed that reports have shown the music was played just low enough to prevent detainees from suffering shattered eardrums.

“Guantanamo is known around the world as one of the places where human beings have been tortured,” Morello explained. “From waterboarding to stripping, hooding and forcing detainees into humiliating sexual acts, playing music for 72 hours in a row at volumes just below that to shatter the eardrums. Guantanamo may be d**k Cheney's idea of America, but it's not mine. The fact that music I helped create was used in crimes against humanity sickens me.”

Hip-Hop music was a staple of the torture tactic, with selections from Dr. Dre, Lil Kim, Eminem (“Kim,” “Slim Shady,” “White America”), and Tupac (“All Eyez On Me”) being used.

Even though songs like Eminem’s “White America” are ironically critical of American politics, the Bush Administration approved the track as a part of the “futility technique,” which seeks to show torture victims the hopelessness of their situations.

The goal of the musicians’ lawsuit, dubbed the “National Campaign to Close Guantanamo,” is to have all government documents declassified on music torture and have the base shut down.

In addition to artists such as the Roots, REM, Pearl Jam, and Nine Inch Nails, several former U.S. generals and lawmakers have joined the suit.

Previously, President Barack Obama had promised to close the facility by January 22, 2009.

However, the economic crisis and resistance from Congress have delayed that goal. At press time, a court date has not been announced." - Via

No Soulja Boy?

Its On Me For We

Adidas' commercials have always been a couple steps behind Nike in advertising.


This isnt about the fine ass reporter, watch dude in the back lol.

UFC 104 Tonight!

My predictions for the bouts Im familiar with:

Machida over Shogun
Velasquez over Rothwell
Neer over Tibau
Daddy Stevenson over Fisher
Bader over Schafer

And dont even think about puttin me on the Machida bandwagon, Ive been followin this guy since he got the decision over BJ Penn at Heros.

Hall Of Fame x Black Scale "Blvck Fvme" New Era

These two fitted caps are only part of a small collection of t-shirts and long sleeved shirts. You can see the rest of the collection which dropped today at Black Scale SF, Hall Of Fame LA and online at HallOfFameltd.

Bape Holiday '09 Bapex Watches

Im diggin the gold one.