Ray Allen Hiding Shoes In Boston Area

One of my favorite NBA stars Ray Allen announced on his Twitter page that he will be hiding shoes around the Boston area.

“I just finished workin out and realized I have so many shoes that I don’t wear anymore so as I am driving thru Boston I decided I’m gonna Leave a pair of shoes somewhere for whoever to have. When I find a good place I’ll tweet the address. The shoes aren’t signed either. Whoever gets them I’ll sign em after a game this year. At the park across the street from Lincoln school. The shoes are behind the basketball hoop. Chestnut hill mall. Look for the rock by the pond. I’ll be in the Springfield area tonight so I’ll take some shoes with me so if u live in that area be on the lookout.”

He goes on to say he will continue hiding shoes all year but if he finds out the person who finds them is just putting them up on eBay hes just gonna stop.