MY Top 25 Dunks Of All Time

So Complex recently put out a list of in the own opinion the Top 50 Dunks Of All Time. And in my own opinion and Im sure the majority of the rest of us thought the list was overall garbage. So I decided to make my own list. I didnt feel like uploading 50 pictures so I slimmed it down to 25. Remember this is MY list feel free to leave your thoughts.

Head over to Complex and check out their list.

So to get it started Ill start off with the Nike Dunk Nylon Vandal.

24. Nike Dunk Brazil

23. Nike x Stussy Dunk World Tour

22. Nike SB Dunk Sea Crystal

21. Nike SB Dunk Loden

20. Nike Dunk Croc Star

19. Nike Dunk Mighty Crown

18. Nike Dunk Olympic

17. Nike Realmad Hectic Dunk High "Ultimate Glory"

16. Nike Dunk 3m Supreme Spark

14. Nike Dunk Sole Collector Cowboy 5

13. Nike Dunk Laser Chris Lundy

12. Nike SB Dunk "Pushead"

11. Nike x A.R.C. Dunk Supreme

10. BTTYS Series

9. Nike Dunk "Dontrelle Willis"

8. Nike Dunk "Pharrell"

7. Nike x HAZE Dunk Low

6. Nike Dunk High "Santana"

5. Nike x Futura Dunk High "FLOM"
4. Nike x Huf Dunk Low
3. Nike Dunk High "Destroyer"
2. Nike SB Dunk High "MF Doom"
1. Nike x Wu-Tang Clan Dunk High, the only pair that Complex did list correctly. Yes its just the same dunk as the BTTYS Iowa Dunk but still Im a Wu-Tang fan and what better for a legendary hip-hop group then their own legendary Dunk?