A Quick Intermission: SOL

- First off for those out there who arent familiar with you where you from?

SOL: What’s good? I go by SOL and I am from Seattle, WA.

- How did you get your start in the music business?

SOL: I grew up listening to a lot of rap during the early years of my life which ended up being very influential for me. Instead of wanting to be a baseball player or basketball star, I day-dreamed about doing songs with Outkast and Tupac. haha.

- Did you have any inspirations musically or just in general growing up?

SOL: Well growing up I listened to a lot of the big names that were on TV. As a youngin, I didn’t have the resources or desire to look that hard for good music. Some of my first hip-hop albums were DMX, Tupac, Nas, Outkast, Ja Rule. A lot of the stuff my cuzins would play. In fact, I don’t think I ever bought any of their records but I was even a Cash Money fan. That shit was clownin. Everybody liked "back that ass up".

But after I started writing music myself, I started drawing inspiration from artists touched me in a much more creative way. I got real deep into Dead Prez when I was in middle school, De La Soul, more Outkast. Stuff that pushed me to become more of my OWN artist.

- Aside from all the luxuries were used to hearing about from rappers, what kinda issues/topics do you speak about in your music?

SOL: I speak about whats real to me, and real to the people in my life. I dont consider myself a "conscious rapper" or a "political rapper" because I am weary of putting myself in a box. But the reality is that everything is politics. With that said, my music mos def has a moral compass. So whether you are listening to a song a bout my relationship w/ Hip-Hop, or a song about the pitfalls of chasing $, or simply smoking herb ("Spliff") you are gunna get to kno more about me as a person. ya feel me?

- Definately, so your first album, "the ride" has almost an old-ochool hip-hop feel to it which is a nice change from all the "radio rap" we hear nowadays. whats your take on the direction of hip-hop today?

SOL: I am a strong believer in good music. No matter the genre, sub-genre or whether its on the radio or not. I have no animosity towards radio rap. There just has been some not-so-good rap on the radio in recent times. With that said, there are a lot of commercial artists AND radio stations a like that hold it down. And that is essential.

As far as how I feel about the direction of Hip-Hop today... I like the work that a lot of people are doing right now. Regardless of how crazy the hype may be, artists like Drake, B.o.B., and Kid Cudi are great rappers. For people THAT unique, and that talented to be getting so much national attention and mainstream support is great for the music. Its great for everybody trying to do their own thing.

- Any new projects we can look forward to from you?

SOL: Yesss. Right now I am deep in the writing process for the next record. I have a few dozen beats I'm working on, and am very excited about what this new material is lookin like. It will be a lot different then "The Ride" but a very appropriate next chapter to the story I have began my career with.

Also I will be launching the .com website shortly and will be releasing my first EP "Murda on the Mic" w/ some new tracks for free download on the website.

- Sounds good. Where can fans check out your material? Any upcoming performances?

SOL: All my music is on iTunes, Amazon and all those online stores. Just search "SOL". I am also on myspace at www.myspace.com/solzilla and on twitter at www.twitter.com/solzilla aka @solzilla for those who are already tweeting. haha.

And If you are in Seattle. My next show in on October 3rd with Common Market and D. Black, for D. Blacks album release party. It is gunna be big.

- Last but not least how do you think the seahawks will do this season?

SOL: Same thing I say every year before the season starts. 16 - 0. Seattle Baby!

Thanks to the homie SOL for his time be sure to check out his Myspace and Twitter page. And go cop his album "The Ride" availible on iTunes and Rhapsody.