Air Jordan X Chicago Game Worn #45

Its not very often I post deals on eBay but I cant help it this time. Its no secret that the Chicago Xs are one of the if not the most sought after pair of Jordans ever but this pair makes all other look like a general release. The first difference between these and the pairs that were released that youll probably notice is the #45 on the side which just makes these that much more rarer due to the fact that MJ wore these during his first comeback season. This particular pair however was actually worn by Michael himself during a game against the Miami Heat on March 1st, 1995, a game that they won also. According to the seller these even come with the original size 13 box. Damn! Talk about a piece of history, not to mention the fact that MJ was JUST inducted into the NBA Hall Of Fame. If you have 9k to spend then head over to eBay and enter your bid.

Via: eBay