RIP Adam Goldstein AKA DJ AM

Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein was found dead on the seventh floor of his Soho apartment building today NBC sources have said. Details on his death are still unknown at this time. Goldstein just recently survived a plane crash with friend Travis Barker, for what tho? My prayers go out to his family and friends.

Update: Drug paraphernalia (apparently a crack pipe), and perscription drugs were found in his apartment but is yet to be determined as the cause of his death.
Update: According to sources close to Goldstein, he was "completely devastated" over his recent breakup with ex-girlfriend Hayley Wood. He was also having a hard time dealing with PTS from the plane crash last September.

And for those who arent familiar with him, being one of the most respected DJs isnt the only thing hes known for. Hes was also one of the most respected Sneaker Collectors in the game being 1/3 of the Air Mack Crew also consisting of fellow disc jockey DJ Homicide and jeweler Ben Baller.