Nas to pay Kelis even more in support...WOW

So youve probably heard the news by now, Nas and Kelis one of the most beloved Hip-Hop couples out there recently got a divorce, thats not even the least of Nasirs problems at the moment. At first the news broke out that he was to pay Kelis 55k a month. Even for a rapper that shits crazy, no newborn kids gonna need 55k a month come on now. But like I said thats the least of his problems right now, according to a report on Kelis is apparently requesting an increase totaling over $400,000. Thats right 400,000k. Apparently Nasir grosses $244,826 per month while his ex makes $13,744 per month and is dependant on Nas to maintain her crrent lifestyle. She is asking for $17,225 for child support, keep in mind the baby isnt even 2 months old yet...additionaly she is asking for $72,728 for spousal support, retro child support of $29,522 and retro spousal support of $281,571. If the court approves Kelis request she will recieve $401,076 in addition to the 55k or 44k whatever it is that she already gets. WOW.

After hearing how Red and Meth felt bout the original 44k Im anxious to hear what they gotta say about the new story.