Felt 3 - Protagonists

So recently the news broke out that Slug and Murs are back in the studio hard at work for another Felt project. Heres the first leaked song from the album. Also word is that Aesop Rock will be doing the producing for the album. However, the picture below shows two blurred out figures, one being the producer the other being the tribute on the right, the thing is Aesop Rock isnt black lol. Theres rumors flying around everywhere on who the tribute will be to. Ive heard Rosario Dawson, Rosie Perez, Halle Berry, and suprisingly Sarah Palin? Yes Sarah Palin, and if you think thatd be hard to imagine just take a look at the picture on the right...now check out this throwback picture of Palin.

Felt (Slug x Murs) - Protagonists