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The NBA Draft just happened yesterday and the Pistons were on the clock, with 4 picks in the first 2 rounds things looked pretty good to begin with. With their first pick they selected one of my favorite players from Gonzaga, Austin Daye. With the second they chose another one of my favorite college stars Dajuan Summers from Georgetown. With the third pick they drafted Jonas Jerebko a talented international player. And with the fourth pick they chose Chase Budinger from Arizona but ended up trading him away to Houston.


Hella crazy.

Nike Air Max Lebron VII Previews

Heres some previews of the upcoming signature shoe from LBJ the Nike Air Max Lebron VII. Personally, I think this is the best LBJ shoe yet. The first two pairs feature a flywire upper and the second sports a clean woven upper. Here we see the usual Navy colorway, as well as a possibile Dunkman colorway and a nice white/red one. More pictures coming soon.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High HOF Pack

I just showed you some pics of the upcoming Air Jordan Dub Zero and 2009 from the Hall Of Fame Pack and heres a look at the 1s. Like the previous pairs they feature some of MJs statistics throughout the shoe with that NBA Scoreboard font and a mostly black colorway. Stay tuned for more info on these.

Nike Alpholution Supreme TF G.I. Joe Pack

The Alpholution has become one of my most anticipated releases to come. Whether it be some early sample pictures or the ones below these are hot. If you remember a while back Nike released a G.I. Joe pack back in 2007, well with a new G.I. Joe movie coming out they had to do it again. The pack will feature the Nike Alpholution, the Hyperize, and a Sharkalaid. This pair features a navy, red, white colorway with some snakeskin and some 3m. The tongue also sports a Cobra Forces logo. All three pairs will be quickstrikes availible this summer so be on the lookout.

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Air jordan VII 60+ Pack Bulls/Magic

Heres a look at the upcoming Air jordan VII 60+ Pack Bulls/Magic featuring two special colorways. The 60+ pack features the shoe MJ wore during his handful of 60+ point performances. Pictures have already dropped of the Bulls/Celtics 60+ Pack. The first pair in this package is the infamous Raptor/Charcoal VII. Pretty much everythings the same as previous retro versions. The second pair resembles the Orlando Magic, MJs oppenent that night. Early sample pictures had pintripes on the body of the shoe but it seems theyve been taken off to leave us with an almost "Frenchie" VII looking shoe. The pack wont be availible until August so stay tuned for more release date info.

Concepts x Nike SB Blue Lobster Dunk

If you remember the first Lobster SB then you should remember the crazy packaging it came in. Things dont get any different for this years edition of the lobster SB as you can see in the pictures below they get even more creative with the packaging this year. The shoes come plastic wrapped and placed in a foam HAZMAT container. The special packaging edition will only be availible at Concepts on June 20th and for only 200 pairs. They will cost $250 and will also come with an Alien Workshop skateboard deck and a t-shirt. A regular release will be coming in the weeks after so stay tuned.

Air Jordan 3 True Blue 2009 re retro pics

Heres some pics of the True Blue 3 set to release in the following months. Everythings pretty much the same as the '01 model except the blue is a bit brighter it seems and the cement print is a tad darker. Other then those and the jumpman logo on the back things seem just like the first model.

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I havent listened to 50 Cent since Get Rich Or Die Tryin' , this shits hard tho.

Nike Air Penny II Retro - Atlantic Blue

Over the past year the Nike Air Penny signature line has made a big comeback releasing retro versions of some of Pennys most coveted models and also the introduction of the Nike 1/2 Cent, a hybrid of previous Penny models. The last time the Penny II Atlantic Blue colorway was availible was 1996, thankfully Nike will be re-releasing the favored model. No release date info is known at this time so stay posted.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Quai 54 Ruff N Tuff

Heres some pictures of the Air Jordan 1 Quai 54 from the Ruff N Tuff collection. The Jordan 1 was selected for the Quai 54 Streetball Tournament over seas. They feature a laser blue upper with crackled leather. They also have an interesting design on the inside lining which is also seen on the sole. The tongue sports the Quai 54 logo and adds a speckled midsole to finish it off.

Word is that these are only releasing over seas but apprently there will be a limited number of these to be sold at the House Of Hoops on June 20th.

Nike Hyperize Mettalic Silver

The Nike Hyperize is the next high performance basketball shoe by Nike follwoing the success of the Hyperdunk and Hypermax. Theres already been a handful of colorways that have hit the web and here we get a look at a nice sample. A pretty straight forward white and mettalic silver colorway, also note the silver lines on the midsection. No news of these releasing is known as these are just samples so keep posted.


If you know me you know that my favorite football team is the Denver Broncos, Ive stuck with them through thick and thin over the years and it makes me mad to hear news like this.

WR Brandon Marshall has apparently requested to be traded from the team. I think its pretty safe to say that Josh McDaniels has officially destroyed this team. First we lose our STAR QB Jay Cutler and now we lose our STAR WR. Those two were the only thing exciting about the 08-09 season for Denver fans. Hopefully we can talk Marshall into staying. Dude will def be one of the top 5 WRs in the next couple years to come.


Shoe store robbed following Lakers win

Last night following the Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals victory, riots broke out in the streets of LA. Sadly a local shoe store, The Holy Grail, was robbed during the riot. The sadder part about it is that its a consignment shop.

Nike Auto Force 180 - Holiday '09

The Nike Auto Force 180 has been raising a lot of eyebrows as of lately. Over the past week or two weve seen a grip of shoes from the Holiday 2009 catalog.

First we see a pair of Auto Force 180s sporting the classic Olympic colorway that put the Air Force 180 on the map a while ago. The second picture shows the comparison between the two.

The second shoe is a clean black and white colorway. The Auto Force 180 well def stir up a lot of buzz when they drop later this year.

2009 NBA Champions...

Los Angeles Lakers


Shaqs a comedian

59 foot tall Gundam...

In Odaiba Tokyo, the Japanese have built a 59 foot tall RX-78-2 Gundam battle suit. Pretty sick.

Check out Robin Williams

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I still fuck with Linkin Park

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Air Jordan XII "Rising Sun"

A couple months ago i reported that BJ will be releasing 3 NEW colorways of the Air Jordan XII. Today we get a look at the first of the three. This pair features an all white leather perforated upper with a few black and red accents. This particular XII model is nicknamed the Rising Suns'

These are set to release this October for $150.