So my Detroit Pistons just got booted from the Playoffs and by the looks of it, its lookin like the end of an era. Looks like Sheed played his last game in a Piston uni, maybe even Prince as well.

But since my teams out of the playoffs now I gotta root for my other team...

May 15th

Do you like fishsticks?

A custom pair of Yeezys have been spotted on Osneaker. This pair gets its queer inspiration from the South Park episode where Kanye West plays a gay fish.

Watch the video and youll understand.

Sad story

Dude just made his Major League debut the previous night and had an outstanding performance. He was only 22 years old.

Air Jordan 60+ Oak Hill Academy PE

A while back I brought you info of the Jordan 60+ consisting of shoes MJ scored 60 or more in. Virginias Oak Hill Academy Basketball team are the first to be spotted with a pair. It must be nice being sponsored by BJ.

Nike Air Yeezy - Black/Grey/Fire Red

At the opening of Nikes new botique TPE 6453 in Taipei a new colorway of the yeezys was spotted. Similar to earlier samples it consists of the black body but with a Fire Red midsole. No word on release info yet so stay posted.