NCAA Tourney So Far...

Ok so its already at the second half of the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament and I havent done one post about it yet. Ill start off by letting yall know that so far I am 42 out of 52 so far on my bracket, pretty good if I say so myself. And so far all 4 of my picks to make it to the Final Four are still in it; Louisville, Villanova, UConn, and Oklahoma. My pick being to win it all . . . Oklahoma. Many of you may say why Oklahoma and all I got to say to that is, Blake Griffin.

My favorite team in the tourney although is of course UConn. I been following Calhouns team since the days of Ray Allen and Rip. I just think that without Dyson in the lineup they just wont be able to get past some of these remaining powerhouse teams, ex. Missouri and Louisville. I wouldnt be surprised however if they did manage to make it to the ship.