As youve probably heard already quite possibily my favorite athlete of all time has admitted to using the juice. In a 2003 survey test done by the MLB, 104 players tested positive for some sort of HGH or Steroids. A-Rod was one of em. Yesterday during an ESPN interview A-Rod confessed to the world of his usage saying he was under the pressure of his outrageous $252 million dollar contract with the Rangers.

What happened to the good ol days. I remember seeing him emerge as one of the best players in MLB history within his first few seasons. A-Rod was the player who got me interested in baseball to begin with, well him and "The Kid". I still have numerous memerobilia of this man from cards, to baseballs, and even movies. I thnk its safe to say his years in Seattle werent tainted but who can really be sure?

Now we have to add him to the list of other MLB frauds.

The best days of baseball have already come and gone.