A Quick Intermission: U-N-I

Heres a quick interview I did with Y-O and Thurzday of the LA Hip-Hop group U-N-I.

Mitch: First off congrats on the VMA, hows it feel to be named the best breakout LA artists?

Y-O: Amazing feeling. Just today my mother told me 1 of her friends called her bugging out cuz they saw us on MTV like "Omg omg i see your son on tv" lol. Just shows change is here, and it feels even better to say we're doing all of this unsigned ahaha

Mitch: Hows it feel to be a little more recognized in this hiphop game?

Thurz: Definitely a motivation to progress. Whats a better feeling than getting love from something you enjoy doing?

Mitch: Being from Seattle whats your opinion on some of the music comin out of the Emerald City today?

YO: Never be afraid to be different & stand out from the rest & always know another NO in life is a step closer to YES

Mitch: Were you inspired by any artists growing up?

YO: Growing up I always wanted to be like Michael Jackson ahaha. Had the red thriller jacket & glove doing the moonwalk every chance I could lol. Kriss Kross, Rob Base, MC Hammer, Mos Def, KRS-1, N.E.R.D., Bob Marley

Thurz: The Roots, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Marvin Gaye, Redman, Ghostface

Mitch: Any projects we can expect from yall in the near future?

YO: Yes indeeeeeed. We just put out a couple days ago a record called "Hollywood Hiatus", which is off our sophomore project called "A Love Supreme"

Thurz: A Love Supreme will be available as a FREE download on our site in MARCH. It's all produced by our boy Ro Blvd. He made the record "The Launch" off "Fried Chicken & Watermelon"

For more info about these cats you can check out their Myspace page to hear a couple tracks from them.
Go out and cop their album "Fried Chicken & Watermelon" and keep an eye out for "A Love Supreme".